BNSTAR provides companies and society with the necessary tools to introduce top-level New Technologies in the water sector.Building water management BNSTAR Software focuses on individual points of consumption but permanently switched to the rest of the system. This ongoing connectivity creates “smart grids” with online access from any internet enabled device system located on-site or on the other side of the world.

The concept of BNSTAR water efficiency is based on “smart” management, manual process automation, external data gathering and alignment and, in particular, generated and processed data management.


BNSTAR mission is to introduce New Technologies into the field of buildings water management, by providing intelligence to the whole system, from every water operating outlet to the entire building itself thanks to smart grids automate generation, real time and online communication and data processing.

BNSTAR is extremely valuable to society due to the continuous progressive reduction of the planet’s water resources, due to industrial activity and pollution increase, together with the worldwide population steady growth and its concentration in large urban areas. Just like energy, water needs to be more rationally and sustainably managed.

Product excellence
Water management intelligence
User security and comfort
Environmental protection


Smart water management in buildings

BNSTAR system integrates the latest advances in the fields of New

Technologies, electronics and communication, into water management while implementing smart grids and enabling interaction between the system and the user through touch screens on every water operating outlet in the building.

BNSTAR is an open system with the capacity to add new features and functionalities thanks to its own management software accessible from any internet enabled device.


Water consumption in buildings depends on how users operate current mechanical taps and mixers.

Some models add improvements like presence detectors, self-closing systems or flow limitation, offering some uncontrolled and partial solutions , unable to be adapted to water and energy consumption needs in buildings.

Most of energy consumption related services can be controlled and managed through smart grids. Current solutions (scada, automation, building technologies, etc) allow users to manage both natural and artificial lighting, air conditioning, alarms, accesses, curtains, blinds, appliances, etc.

BNSTAR is the tool for enabling the application of these technologies into the building water supply network by providing intelligence to processes and allowing service parameters control, saving strategies implementation, consumption optimization, misuse prevention, faults detection, water and energy demand identification and so many others outlined in:


BNSTAR integrates a permanent analysis and building water consumption optimization system, with capacity to modify online in real time operating water outlets parameters.

BNSTAR replaces current taps and mixers concept by a water outlet points system consisting of an HMI (touch screen) and a smart mixing valve with Wi-Fi access. Both are controlled by a software enabled to process water consumption information and implement saving strategies.

BNSTAR is a single product which does not vary attending to the service point it operates for. The particular peformance and functionalities of washbasins, bidets, showers, baths, kitchens, toilets or urinals, among others, are strictly adapted by the configured software.

The product is also designed for all application sectors (hospitality, healthcare, geriatric care, sport facilities, residential, etc.)





How it Works




System functionalities

Water outlets management
  • Water outlet control software enabled to online and real time parameters  modification.
  • Online and real time outlets monitoring.
  • Legionellosis prevention system.
Complementary systems
  • Presence detectors, temperature sensors (internal and external).
User identification
  • User consumption and service parameters identification.
  • Warning alarm device in the event of water leakage, faults, power failure, misuse, proximity to consumption groups gap, etc.
Database access
  • Access to building consumption segmented data
Operating reports
  • Periodic reporting on consumptions acording to service points, areas, users, time bands, periods, etc.
  • Comparisons.
  • Patterns of behaviour.
  • Consumption forecasting.
Facility global management
  • Overall and non-stop building facility management according to property criteria.
  • Saving strategies proposal.
  • Management reports.


BNSTAR is a device for every sector and every building, from single standing residential units to large tertiary use buildings.
Its full potential will be achieved by large water consumers such as hotels, hospitals, geriatric centres, sport facilities and, in general, any tertiary building.


Direct Savings

Temperature identification Screen colour and degrees enable users to easily identify temperature. The user does not have to deal with trial and error tap handle processes to achieve the desired comfort temperature.
PAUSE function Usage parameters keep stored in the system. Once the service point starts again after PAUSE, it maintains the previously selected parameters.
Flow regulation
Flow regulation
Overall flow decrease not to exceed water rate consumption bands.
Reducing flow in case of peak occupancy or number of users.
 Temperature regulation
Online and real time setting and application of the maximum comfort temperature in each service point and at any time.
 No water consumption rates at unnecessarily high temperature levels.
Self-closing programming
Online and real time self-closing programming in those service points where usage must be time limited.
 WCs and urinals flow discharge time reduction.
Different self-closing programmes available on screen.
Time of use regulation
Online and real time definition of maximum time of use in each service point and at any time.
 Maximum time of use programming of showers, toilets, etc.
Showers time of use regulation by user.
Service points unable to remain open.
Service point setting up by deliverable water volume
Accurate definition of water volume delivery in each user demand.
 Programming for accurate bath filling and automatic stop.
Water volume reduction for WCs and urinals discharges.
Function programming
Flow, temperature, self-closing, etc. programming for specific uses.
 Tooth brush function programming.
Shaving function programming
Alarm implementation
Alarm generation in the event of fault, misuse, abuse, etc.
 Water leakage detection.
Service point consumption abuse detection.
Service point malfunction detection.
Faults detection.
Complementary systems integration
 The system can receive data from external devices.  Alignment of presence sensors leading to selected service points automate closure in the event of empty rooms.
Alignment of temperature sensors leading to regulate water flow maximum temperature considering outer temperature.
Cleaning and maintenance staff identification
 Discrimination between users and staff is available through different systems.
Water volume and temperature regulation to control water cleaning consumption.
Self-contained smart valve
The valve reacts to pressure, flow or temperature fluctuations and provides ongoing supply of the requested flow and temperature.
The system prevents users from correction processes in which hot and cold water is consumed.
Only one pipe (mixed up water) is installed from the collector to the service point.
40% saving in plumbing and workforce bathroom installations.
Users identification
 Touch screens enable users identification.
Usage parameters storage by user.
 Consumption rates management available to users.
Timing/flow/temperature/consumption regulation by user.
Water consumption billing.
The user forgets about comfort temperature and flow tests.
 Effective leakage and faults detection.
Misuse detection.
 Water consumption reduction thanks to timely leakage detection.
Immediate knowledge of misuse and vandalism enable water consumption reduction.
Abnormal water usage reporting automatically emailed to a designated address.


Indirect savings

Legionella prevention.
Thermal shock programming by individual point of service or virtual groups.
Staff hours as process is computerized.
Water and energy demand anticipation
Hot and cold water calculation based on occupancy/users prediction.
Hot water production and maintenance based on demand forecast.
Water and energy resources optimization strategies deployment
Knowing who, when and how water is consumed optimizes the process.
Areas for improvement identification.
Consumption information to users
Users are real time reported of consumption volume and/or time of use on the screen.
Cumulative consumption can be displayed on bills, reports, etc.
Awareness of water consumption frequently prevents the user from overconsuming.
Utilities interaction Real time consumption knowledge enables strategies leading to stay in line with maximum desirable consumption levels.
Smartmeters alignment enables the system to manage the overall building consumption within the supplier company billing rate limits.


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