System functionalities

Water outlets management
  • Water outlet control software enabled to online and real time parameters  modification.
  • Online and real time outlets monitoring.
  • Legionellosis prevention system.
Complementary systems
  • Presence detectors, temperature sensors (internal and external).
User identification
  • User consumption and service parameters identification.
  • Warning alarm device in the event of water leakage, faults, power failure, misuse, proximity to consumption groups gap, etc.
Database access
  • Access to building consumption segmented data
Operating reports
  • Periodic reporting on consumptions acording to service points, areas, users, time bands, periods, etc.
  • Comparisons.
  • Patterns of behaviour.
  • Consumption forecasting.
Facility global management
  • Overall and non-stop building facility management according to property criteria.
  • Saving strategies proposal.
  • Management reports.